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Patrick Sullivan
New Media: Digital Music, Content Rights & Copyright Issues

Patrick Sullivan is one of the music industry's foremost authorities on digital music and rights negotiations-- a wide expertise including such areas as: publishing, mobile, media, advertising and brand special products. Recently, Sullivan held a dual executive position as VP of Licensing and Music Services for both The Orchard & eMusic.

He is also a former Director of Research and Development at the National Music Publisher's Association/Harry Fox Agency (HFA). While there, he managed industry negotiations, internal corporate policy matters, new media, and public relations for the member organization. While there, he worked on crucial industry issues such as the Supreme Court case of MGM v. Grokster, industry litigation against MP3.com, Napster, and the recent settlement of Bertelsmann with NMPA.

Sullivan is a leader in strategic thinking and has been at the forefront of music industry evolution throughout his 17-year career.