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Marty Krueger
Operations & Finance

Mr. Krueger is Vice President of Finance of the Pyle Group, a private holding that was formed in 1996 after Tom and Judy Pyle sold Rayovac, the Madison Wisconsin based battery and lighting manufacturer, to Thomas H. Lee Company.

Mr. Krueger has prior manufacturing and information service experience with Cordis Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson Company; finance, marketing and general management experience with Norland Corporation, a former subsidiary of Cardis Corporation; as well as financial and consulting experience with Clifton Gunderson & Company, a national accounting firm.

Mr. Krueger has served as the Secretary and Treasurer for two of the Pyle Group companies: Uniek, Inc., a Wisconsin company supplying picture frames, photo albums and craft products to mass merchants, and Georgette Klinger, Inc., a New York company specializing in skin care treatments and products that was sold in 2004. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Uniek and works with that company in a consulting capacity on several projects. In addition, he was the General Manager of the Transport Media Network, LLC, a truckside advertising company also owned by the Pyle Group that has merged into Tiger Media.

Marty graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh and serves on the Advisory Board for the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater Integrated Science Business Major.