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Jonathan Platt
Marketing, Licensing and A&R

Justin Time Production’s principal Jonathan Platt’s 18-year tenure as a creative entrepreneur in the entertainment industry encompasses music licensing, film and television music supervision, music publishing, music production and releasing, the acquisition of widely varied entertainment properties and the structuring of international joint ventures. The soundtrack producer and music supervisor for the wildly successful “Saw” trilogy, Platt has also worked on the soundtracks for “Rize”; “Friday Night Lights”; “Cursed”; “Rock School”; “P.S.”; “Eulogy”; and countless other high-profile productions. He is the founder of Treadstone Records and Artist Addiction Soundtracks, which have issued soundtracks to “Las Vegas,” “Summerland” and “Charmed: The Book of Shadows,” among others.

The Los Angeles native served as an executive and/or producer at various firms throughout the 90s and founded Hyperdisc Records, a joint-venture production company/record label with EMI in Japan. Hyperdisc’s 1997 soundtrack to the TV drama “Long Vacation” was Japan’s all-time best-selling domestic soundtrack. During this period Platt also started Global Disc Records, which issued a series of Cuban music compilations. More recently, he established Justin Time Productions, Inc., and the Fender-distributed specialty label KJ Records (which produces the Practice Tracks CD series for developing musicians.) He is also a producer of 180 Music’s Influences and Red Mix CD series.