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Jim Brandmeier
Chief Executive Officer

Jim Brandmeier’s deep-rooted music industry experience combined with his innate entrepreneurial drive make him uniquely qualified to lead 180 Music. He has early beginnings as a highly talented musician. Along the way he has created an army chest of connections and networks. He has an unrelenting persistence to convert ideas into actions that produce results. In a short period of time, he has garnered acclaimed media attention for 180 Music and developed credibility within the industry for having a reputation as an innovative thinker. Through years of experience and an unrelenting passion he has developed a strong vision that will create a new paradigm for adults to discover music.

Prior to starting 180 Music, Mr. Brandmeier was President of Monarch Records, a division of Tambourine Inc. in San Francisco. He also served as Director of Artist and Repertoire (A&R) for Tambourine's three labels (Unison Records in Nashville and Sugo and Monarch Records in San Francisco.) As Director of A&R, he was responsible for product development, artists and music production on all three labels.

As President of Monarch Records he led and managed teams that developed creative and unique marketing concepts for music releases. This was accomplished by mapping innovative strategies that anticipated and pushed trends. Brandmeier’s teams set the standard for bridging online and bricks and mortar channels for today's specialty music marketplace targeted to adults.
Jim Brandmeier has written, produced and performed on a wide variety of CDs found in major specialty market outlets targeted to adults worldwide (Sharper Image, Brookstones, Bed Bath & Beyond, W.H Smith, American Greetings, Borders, etc.). In an eclectic range of styles, Brandmeier has developed concepts, composed and produced CD's that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. Across a diverse span of styles, Mr. Brandmeier delivers impeccably tailored master tracks that have become favorites with music buyers and retailers alike.

Mr. Brandmeier has also written and produced music for numerous television programs, feature films and TV movies. He received a Telly award for his soundtrack to the Christmas video "Almost Home". Mr. Brandmeier has written, produced and scored national, regional and local radio and TV jingles.

He was introduced at Carnegie Hall by Jose Feliciano. Brandmeier performed with the legendary artist who debuted one of Brandmeier's original songs. He has worked with many other legendary jazz, pop and blues figures as well.

Coming from a musical family, Mr. Brandmeier studied guitar from the age of eight and began flute studies at ten. He moved to Hollywood to attend the Guitar Institute of Technology and to study flute with jazz legends Lew Tabackin and Sam Most. In Los Angeles, he formed a jazz quartet, which performed extensively in West Coast jazz venues.

On recommendation from his mentors, he was accepted at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, and was the recipient of Berklee's Music and Business Professional Music Scholarship for outstanding musicianship, compositional and academic achievements. After graduation Mr. Brandmeier became a Berklee staff member; teaching arranging, harmony, and basic music business courses.

An accomplished jazz flutist, Mr. Brandmeier's CDs have found loyal audiences in 25 countries worldwide.

Jim Brandmeier’s philosophy in business & in life is very simple. “Use your talent to serve”.

His deeply felt mission is to not only to bring back great music into people’s lives, but to add a bit of inspiration, clarity & beauty along the way.

Jim Brandmeier is dedicated to enriching people’s lives through music.