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Legendary Singer/Songwriter Kenny Loggins Releases New Album, "How About Now" - Album Part of Nationwide Launch of the Spotlight Music Series, 180 Music and Target's Exclusive New Line

April 19, 2007
Neil Haislop's Nashville IQ

Kenny Loggins has recently released his latest solo album, "How About Now." The album is among the inaugural slate of titles which debuted as part of the launch of the Spotlight Music Series; an innovative line of adult contemporary music from 180 Music, that is available nationwide exclusively through the retail chain Target. The series' primary focus is new music from legendary artists.

"When I finally went on the road with Jimmy Messina again for our 30 year reunion tour, I rediscovered the kind of music I was making as a kid; music that had acoustic guitar at the center, and a certain level of joy and simplicity to it," Loggins said. "I started to think about what it would sound like if I was making my half of a Loggins & Messina record today-that's what I aimed in the making of this new album."