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New Music From an Old Friend'

March 9, 2007
ABC News

Editor's review

Bacharach. Wilson. Loggins. Last names are all you need with this collection, which reads more like a roster for a songwriting hall of fame. That it's actually a tracklist means we're extremely lucky. The master tunesmiths gathered at Phil Ramone's behest. But if you groan when you see an old favorite in concert and they announce they'll be "playing some new stuff," you shouldn't worry here. The LP mixes a spate of fresh songs--and they're not one bit groan-worthy--with a compelling twist: reduxes of some enduring classics. It's a chance to hear them in a new way and an opportunity to fix production that wasn't always up to snuff back in the day. Because much as you love Richard Marx's sentiment, you won't miss the '80s theatrics.


Produced by the illustrious Phil Ramone, this album features some of the most prolific singer songwriters of our time including Carole King, Brian Wilson, Burt Bacharach, Kris Kristofferson, Kenny Loggins, Willie Nelson, Richard Marx, and many others. Each artist has recorded two new tracks; a remake of one of their signature songs, plus a brand new song reflecting their artistry today. The songs are fresh and new under the creative genius of Phil Ramone and poignantly reflect the beauty of their artistry making New Music from an Old Friend a timeless treasure.