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Various Artists - Nashville Now: Red Mix

March 19, 2007
By Jennifer Webb
About.com Country Music Guide

Guide rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

The Bottom Line
You should buy this album if you are a fan of any of the artists mentioned or if you like albums with a mixture of song styles.

* "Me And Charlie Talking"
* "Restless"
* "XXL"

* None.


* A mix of twelve songs from various artists.
* Target exclusive.
* Produced by Jonathan Platt, Jonathan Scott Miller, and Yvonne McDonald.

Guide Review - Various Artists - Nashville Now: Red Mix
What I like about mix albums is that there's always something for everyone. With all the variety of music included, you're sure to like at least a few of the songs. Especially if they are all hits.

On the fast side of the spectrum, there are plenty of hits that stand out: Kenny Chesney's "Keg In The Closet" is the album's first track & gives off a fun vibe to start things off. Then, to pick things up where Kenny left off, there is Miranda Lambert's song "Me And Charlie Talking." It's a song I will never get tired of hearing as I am a fan of Miranda's music. Cowboy Crush's "Hillbilly Nation" is almost like a party anthem for the country crowd. Keith Anderson really knows how to release songs you can sing along to, so it's no wonder why his "XXL" song is also included.

To help balance things out, there are also a few slower songs included. Brad Paisley's "Little Moments" is the first one, to be followed by Martina McBride's "In My Daughter's Eyes." Both songs really touch your heart. Then there is "Restless," by Alison Krauss + Union Station. Alison's voice is so beautiful & the musicianship of Union Station makes for a perfect combination when it comes to the music they produce. Vince Gill is another artist with a flawless voice. "I Still Believe In You" closes the album.

Other artists on the album include Jo Dee Messina, Phil Vassar, Leann Rimes, & Montgomery Gentry. Nashville Now - Red Mix may only be available at Target stores or Online, but it really is worth the extra effort if you are a fan of any artists found on the album.