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New Label Launches With Target Exclusives

February 02, 2007, 5:15 PM ET
Ed Christman, N.Y.

A new label is launching a branded music series by providing Target with a one-year exclusive to carry the line. The label, 180 Music, was initiated by CEO Jim Brandmeier, who formerly worked for Tambourine Inc., which is primarily a music licenser that provides lifestyle-oriented music to non-music-specialty retailers for in-store play and sale.

Springboarding off that background, Brandmeier's new label has formed a strategic alliance with the powerful Target chain in a promotion that will give the retailer a 15-title music series, priced at $9.99 each. Starting Feb. 27, the series will have its own end-caps in 1,450 Target stores.

The music line, dubbed the "Spotlight Music Series," aims for an adult demographic. It features such titles as Kenny Loggins' "How About Now," an album of new material; and a David Cassidy rerecording of Patridge Family songs given dance remixes by Craig J, who has worked with Kelly Clarkson and Madonna.

There's also a compilation produced by Phil Ramone, including such name artists and songwriters as Carole King, Brian Wilson, Burt Bacharach, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson, each contributing a brand-new song and remaking a hit song of their own. Those three titles, as well as an album of Brazilian-tinged songs by Stephen Bishop, are branded under "Spotlight Features."

Another series, "Spotlight Influences," has acts like Sarah McLachlan, the Dave Matthews Band, Avril Lavigne and Josh Stone each compiling an album of songs that have influenced them, with liner notes by each act explaining why they ncluded the songs.

Finally, "Spotlight Red Mix" comprises themed compilations like "Nashville Now," "Woman of Song" and "Contemporary Crooners," all including licensed hit tracks.