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The “Influences” series invites you into Jason Mraz’s creative crucible, confirming your suspicions that his breezy, upbeat oeuvre owes as much to soul greats like Aretha Franklin (“Respect”) as to such purveyors of classic pop as Seals & Crofts (“Summer Breeze”). This collection also provides insight into the funky, folky troubadour’s eclectic nature, boasting selections from Jeff Buckley (“Morning Theft”), Young M.C. (“Pick Up the Pace”) and even Saturday morning TV’s The Globetrotters (“Rainy Day Bells”). A few of his choices may surprise you, but Jason knows you wouldn’t have it any other way.



1. "Respect" - Aretha Franklin
2. "Use Me" - Bill Withers
3. "Summer Breeze" - Seals & Crofts
4. "Morning Theft" - Jeff Buckley
5. "In the Name of Love" - Kenny Rankin
6. "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" - Daryl Hall & John Oates
7. "Night Moves" - Michael Franks
8. "Mediate" - INXS
9. "Screenwriter's Blues" - Soul Coughing"
10. "Rainy Day Bells" - The Globetrotters
11. "Pick up the Pace" - Young M.C.
12. "Rainbow Connection" - Jason Mraz