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The following is a transcript of David Cassidy's exclusive Valentine's Day chat with 180 Music.

[2008.02.14 16:58:41] Welcome to 180Music's chat with David Cassidy! This is a moderated chat. Please feel free to post your questions! Questions will be held in queue for David and will appear as he answers them. Don't worry if you don't see your question on screen right away. Thank you, and enjoy the chat!

[2008.02.14 16:58:52] Moderator: Welcome and Happy Valentine's Day! David is here and ready to chat with you. Please post your questions.

[2008.02.14 16:59:23] Barbie: Hi David
[2008.02.14 16:59:25] Amanda: Hi David!
[2008.02.14 16:59:28] Barbie: Hi David
[2008.02.14 16:59:41] sandee: David will you be in Illinois for any concerts

[2008.02.14 17:00:13] David Cassidy: Not in the near future, although I'm planning on doing some more concerts later in the year after the summer, and I would love to come back and play Chicago. It's a GREAT city, and to quote Frank, "It's My Kind of Town!"

[2008.02.14 17:00:24] natblue: David, I'd love to see you do a Christmas album. Any thoughts?

[2008.02.14 17:01:26] David Cassidy: I've been urging the last 2 recording companies that I've been signed to to do a Christmas album and include my favorite song "My Christmas Card to You" written by Tony Romeo, my dear friend who passed away a decade ago. I did a concert in Oklahoma recently before Christmas and played it live for the first time ever. Hopefully with the success of the new CD, which will be in stores in about 10 days

[2008.02.14 17:01:56] David Cassidy: then my current record company 180 Music will hopefully recognize that a lot of people are requesting it. I would love to do one, maybe even with some duets.

[2008.02.14 17:02:23] Autumn In iowa: David i met you back stage at Redbank last year at this time.. remember me?

[2008.02.14 17:02:45] David Cassidy: Yes, I think I do Autumn. Red Bank is one of my favorite places - the Count Basie Theater is an awesome venue. I hope to play there again next year.

[2008.02.14 17:02:58] SandyM: Hi David. Happy VD! How was your Oprah experience?

[2008.02.14 17:04:21] David Cassidy: I'm glad you asked. It was truly a magnificent experience for myself, my wife and son as well. She is a remarkable person. I was aware of how much impact being on her show has been for other people, but I don't believe in my entire life I've ever had a more positive response. Truly an incredible response from people everywhere, including here in Canada. It has been overwhelming. She and her staff

[2008.02.14 17:04:47] David Cassidy: were gracious, so supportive, and I found Oprah herself to be truly a very special human being.

[2008.02.14 17:05:10] ukwendy: Hi David - you did your first live performance from the Remix CD in April last year in London - do you have any plans to come back over and do some more?

[2008.02.14 17:06:14] David Cassidy: There have been some conversations with a couple of promoters in the UK - I have always loved playing in London and Ireland and Scotland and Wales. It's been a very long and wonderful relationship with my fans there. They've been incredibly loyal and I hope that I can put together a short tour, and at the very least, a few nights in London by the end of the year.

[2008.02.14 17:06:26] natblue: Any plans for a doing a play or live stage show? I loved you in "Blood Brothers" and both Vegas shows!

[2008.02.14 17:07:27] David Cassidy: Thank you. My brothers and I have talked about working together for a number of years. We currently have a television project with a network that seems to be coming together. Perhaps in the spring or the summer, which would include Patrick and I performing and Shaun executive producing/writing/overseeing it. It's a fantastic pilot script and the network has told us they love the project.

[2008.02.14 17:08:46] David Cassidy: The prospect of moving back to Los Angeles is a bit daunting to me. As many of you know, we were severely and nearly destroyed from the earthquake in '94. I would only consider moving back there to do this project and work with my brothers, whom I love and feel so close to. I miss my mom and my family, but I need to wait and see how it all plays out. Keep your fingers crossed.

[2008.02.14 17:09:07] Cecelia: David this is rare treat thanks for being here, I feel like I'm 13 again...lol, the new CD is great, some of my favorit songs are there, how did you choose thme for the remix

[2008.02.14 17:10:15] David Cassidy: Craig J, who is the producer and arranger, and I, sat down with the record company and talked about the songs that the fans would want to hear, and that made sense given the canvas of the new arrangements. I think Craig J did a remarkable job. I have become close friends with him, and we plan on working together. While I was in Chicago doing the Oprah show last week, we began working on a bonus

[2008.02.14 17:10:50] David Cassidy: track together that will be on the CD as soon as it gets finished. He is probably the most remarkable talent I've ever been fortunate enough to work with, and has become a good friend.

[2008.02.14 17:11:10] Cindy_C: Hi David! When will you be going back to Epcot? I can't wait to see you there again this year!

[2008.02.14 17:11:48] David Cassidy: They've invited me to come back next November, possibly to close the entire event for 3 or 4 days. If you check my website DavidCassidy.com, as soon as the details are finalized, I'll be putting it up on the website. Come see me again!

[2008.02.14 17:12:10] cherylcorwinfotcprez: I heard that your producer wants to do a standards CD done in the updates style- how wold u feel about that?

[2008.02.14 17:13:09] David Cassidy: we've talked about working on a project like that. I have always loved the concept of taking something old and making it new. I began producing my own demos a la Bobby Darin and some great standards back in 1995 in New York. We'll see, as my dance card is becoming quite full for '08, but I love the concept.

[2008.02.14 17:13:20] royce: Hey David, do you know when and if Partridge Family seasons 3 and 4 will ever come out on DVD???

[2008.02.14 17:13:53] David Cassidy: As they no longer communicate with me directly (Sony - tee hee) I have no idea. But I always felt the third season, particularly, was the best. Again, we can only be hopeful.

[2008.02.14 17:14:06] Francesca Zak: Hi David. Your new CD Dance Remix Part II is fantastic!How do you manage being famous and going to the store, etc. Is it difficult?

[2008.02.14 17:15:02] David Cassidy: You've got that right! I'm very lucky that my wife Sue understands my fame and has respectfully taken the task of shopping on herself. I start to break out in a sweat when I enter a mall! I, like most men, am not terribly comfortable in the shopping arena.

[2008.02.14 17:15:23] Justin: What's the name of the ABC pilot you're doing with Shaun and Patrick, and what's the premise?

[2008.02.14 17:16:33] David Cassidy: The pilot has been ordered by the network, meaning the script was ordered - and as a result of the strike, there has been no communication since, other than a phonecall to reiterate how much they liked it. Shortly, I'm sure, we will begin the negotiations, and hopefully we'll be working together in the spring or summer. It's a fantastic idea, and I hope that we will be able to make the creative

[2008.02.14 17:16:43] David Cassidy: desicions along with the network and the studio to be successful.

[2008.02.14 17:17:35] David Cassidy: On that note, I'm sure letters or emails to ABC Family and/or Disney in Los Angeles will be helpful in getting this accomplished quickly if you so desire.

[2008.02.14 17:17:45] Joni: Hey David - So nice to be chatting with you! I'm chatting from the "Sunshine State" of Florida - I have read both of your books, and was wondering if you keep in touch with Sam & Steve - Thanks!

[2008.02.14 17:18:46] David Cassidy: Sam is still a very close friend of mine. We've known each other since we were 13 years old. I love this man like a brother. We speak occasionally, but he's one of the few people in the world that at any time he were to call or I were to call and needed anything, we would be there for each other. I haven't seen Steve in 20 years.

[2008.02.14 17:18:59] Teresa: Hope you have a great Valentine's Day. What did you give your wife and what did she get you?

[2008.02.14 17:19:33] David Cassidy: Thus far, as I'm 2,000 miles away from her, I understand the flowers have not arrived yet! But I guess the card is in the mail. I promised her a dinner, just she and I, when I return home next week.

[2008.02.14 17:19:51] valentineval: My friend and I are going to catch your concert tonight. So how do you like the nice Sunny Winnipeg weather?

[2008.02.14 17:20:56] David Cassidy: Being as most of you know, I live in South Florida, 40 below zero suits me just fine! The truth is last night was a fantastic show, having never been to Winnipeg before, I did not know what to expect but was blown away by the incredible support and love that I received. I wish I had a chance to come here sooner as I had never been to Winnipeg but have played most of the other big cities in Canada.

[2008.02.14 17:21:13] David Cassidy: Both of the shows sold out, and for that I'm very grateful. We're gonna rock Valentine's Day tonight!

[2008.02.14 17:21:59] Jade in New Zealand: David - how did you enjoy your brief visit to Auckland, New Zealand, last year?

[2008.02.14 17:22:49] David Cassidy: I love New Zealand. I hope next winter I can arrange to go to New Zealand, which is a fantastic country -- and also go back to Australia and do some shows in Southern Hemisphere summer. Obviously it's a long journey, and I would need to take my family with me, but I hope that I can put that together for '09.

[2008.02.14 17:23:16] jadegruen: Like many others I would like to hear a swing cd from you. Do you have plans to do one?

[2008.02.14 17:23:28] David Cassidy: Listen, baby, I'm swingin' now! And I'll be swingin' as long as I can swing...

[2008.02.14 17:23:45] TaniaM: Will there be a new website launched? If so, will it include forums and a chat room such as this one in which you will join us from time to time?

[2008.02.14 17:24:25] David Cassidy: Yes. We've been building a new website for the past 5 weeks. I hoped to have it launched in January, but as soon as possible when we get it up and fully developed, it will be launched in the very near future. Please be patient, we're all doing our best. Thank you for your support.

[2008.02.14 17:24:57] Justin: Please, please add some different songs to your set list on tour. We'd love to hear you sing some more of the stuff you've written, like "Message to the World" — which would be perfect to sing given what's going on in the world right now.

[2008.02.14 17:25:46] David Cassidy: Craig J and I are planning on doing more recordings in the near future. We've discussed Message to the World and he and I think it's a perfect song for what's going on in the world today. I love the song - my wife and I wrote it, and if we can make it work with our new format and arrangement, hopefully you will hear it soon.

[2008.02.14 17:26:23] David Cassidy: I have some of my original demos that we did in the early '90s that I recently listened to on a DAT which I was thinking, if there was enough interest, I would make available through my new website. Let us know if you're interested.

[2008.02.14 17:26:38] Andreawardx: David whats your favourite song of all time.

[2008.02.14 17:27:43] David Cassidy: That's always a difficult question. I sing a song sometimes at the end of my act called "Cry." It was originally a hit for Johnny Ray and later recorded by Ray Charles. My father taught me the song when I was a little boy, and I rearranged it for me as a tribute to him for all he gave me and taught me. I think perhaps I'll sing it tonight in an encore.

[2008.02.14 17:28:15] Dawn: Great seeing you at Mohegan Sun -Do you mind all the women still chasing after you?

[2008.02.14 17:30:00] David Cassidy: Are you kidding? I'm always amazed at people's reactions to me. I never have felt I was deserving of adulation, but don't think for a moment I'm not flattered, and it doesn't thrill me to know that I've had a positive impact on people. I feel extremely blessed to have brought light into people's lives and to lift their spirits, and I will never regret or deny the relationship that I've been able

[2008.02.14 17:30:19] David Cassidy: to have with my fans, who have been without question, the most resilient, supportive and blessed on the face of the earth.

[2008.02.14 17:31:02] Anna: This is such a cool thing for you to do for all of your fans. To be able to chat with you is wonderful.

[2008.02.14 17:32:04] David Cassidy: It's much cooler for me as the internet has provided us all the ability to communicate and share thoughts, ideas and messages with one another. My message to you all is that I truly love you. I wish we could do this more often. I promise I will attempt when the new website is launched, to do this on a regular basis. Now, unfortunately, I must start preparing for my show tonight. From the bottom of

[2008.02.14 17:32:31] David Cassidy: my heart, I wish you all life, love, laughter and happiness on Valentine's Day. God bless! Happy Trails! - DC

[2008.02.14 17:33:42] Moderator: Thank you everyone for chatting with David today! Please click the banner above to purchase David's new CD "Dance Party Remix" and listen to tracks from it as well. Happy Valentine's Day, and thanks for joining us!

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